Organizers volunteer at Southwest Workers’ Union Garden for The San Antonio Non-Violent Direct Action Training Camp

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 8.03.11 PMSan Antonio will host a non-violent direct action training camp June 28th to June 30th as part of Fearless Summer. This event will be located on the East Side of San Antonio at 1416 East Commerce, at the Southwest Workers’ Union Movement Gallery.


Wednesday afternoon, organizers and volunteers worked with the Southwest Workers Union’ weeding, planting, propping tomato plants and harvesting. The credit for volunteering will be used toward the final cost of renting the space for the training camp. Doug was in town from Tar Sands Blockade for court, and stopped by to help in the garden and put up a tent after his court date earlier that morning.


Organizers and volunteers are asked to attend the Garden Workday on Wednesday from 10 am to 12 pm, Thursday from 7pm to 8pm or water the garden on Sundays. The community garden functions on a trade/barter system. During workdays volunteers are able to take home vegetables, herbs, extra seedlings, and seeds. For more information call (210) 299-2666 or visit


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Make sure to follow the link at the top to register for the event.

San Antonio is hosting a non-violent direct action training camp in coordination with Fearless Summer. Workshops topics will include: history of non-violent direct action in SA, mapping issues in SA, legal and security culture issues in non-violent direct action, current indigenous resistance, innovative tactics used by Tar Sands Blockade (including advanced build), team building and safer spaces. The training camp is free and open to the public, but space is limited.Please RSVP by going to the Registration page.

San Antonio está organizando un campo de entrenamiento de acción directa no violenta en coordinación con Fearless Summer. Talleres incluirán los temas: la historia de la acción directa no violenta en SA, la cartografía de los problemas en SA, temas de la cultura legal y de seguridad en la acción directa no violenta, la resistencia indígena actual, tácticas innovadoras utilizadas por Tar Sands Blockade (incluyendo avanzados talleres para construir), formación de equipos y espacios más seguros. El campo de entrenamiento es gratuito y abierto al público, pero el espacio es limitado. Por favor reserve: Registration.

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